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Map of Mangar Bani

Here is a map of Mangar Village including the Mangar Bani grove .

The map shows the location of the temple dedicated to Gudariya Baba which is located a little away from the village in the grove.

The cluster of residences in Mangar Village is shown separately in the map.

This map is put up to provide geographical location of the village and does not indicate the boundaries of the village as per the official records of the governm

A Timeline of policies related to Mangar Bani

The issue of Mangar Bani has seen various developments over the last few years. Many policy decisions have affected it over the years. This timeline is a work in progress to document all the relevant policy papers.

Mangar Policy

A Timeline of media coverage of Mangar Bani

An interactive Timeline showing the media coverage of the Mangar Bani Issue.


Your contributions to this interactive Timeline is welcome . You are invited to post information about the coverage you will like us include in this Timeline in the comment section and we will update it.

Mangarbani and Social media

As we are trying to create awareness about the Mangar Bani forests, one of our greatest tools are social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Constant updates are being made on these sites and besides relevant information, interesting anecdotes from our stay in the Mangar village are also being shared. Please go ahead and visit these pages to know more.

Your suggestions are more than welcome.

People are sending their suggestions to us on Facebook and actively sharing the content on Twitter as well:

‘The Lost Forest’, a short film by filmmaker Ishani K Dutta travels through the shady paths of Mangar Bani and reveals a sad truth — the forest could soon be the site of new highrises and gated colonies. Watch it to discover more about Mangar Bani’s fascinating wildlife, a forest deity named Gudariya Baba and some age-old cures and curses. Image:

Ishani Dutta

Remember the large, old sycamore tree that Juli loves in the 2010 film Flipped? Have you had a similar experience? Share with us on our interactive.. Coming soon!


On Twitter, our hashtag is: #savemangarbani

You can search this hashtag and gather more information as well.