Audio Editing and Subtitles of Politics page: Devang Chaturvedi
Audio Interviews: M.Basit
Blog Layout and Text : Reema Behl,M.Basit and Aban Usmani
Interactive Maps and Timelines : Research Akhlas Ahmad and M.Basit
Interactive Map and Timelines execution: M.Basit
Interview of Pia Sethi, Research Fellow , TERI : Reema Behl
Motion Graphics Concept: Aban Usmani, M.Basit and Devang Chaturvedi
Motion Graphics story board and execution: Aban Usmani and M.Basit
Photography: Aban Usmani, Devang Chaturvedi and Mohammad Basit
Photo Slideshow : Aban Usmani and Reema Behl
Video on The cult of Gudariya Baba and The real issue of Mangar Bani edited by: Aban Usmani and Reema Behl
Videography: Aban Usmani

Team Members
Aban Usmani
Akhlas Ahmad
Devang Chaturvedi
Reema Behl

Special Thanks
To Ishani K Dutta and Ashish Dutta and Carrot Films crew for providing access to footage of their documentary on Mangar Bani.


Surhita Basu
Sihlangu Sifiso Tshuma

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