Interactive Maps & Timelines

Here is a map of Mangar Village including the Mangar Bani grove .

The map shows the location of the temple dedicated to Gudariya Baba which is located a little away from the village in the grove.

The cluster of residences in Mangar Village is shown separately in the map.

This map is put up to provide geographical location of the village and does not indicate the boundaries of the village as per the official records of the governm

See your own forest conservation story here

In an interesting interactive, we have come up with a map where in you can see how different movements of forest conservation have taken place through out the world. Click on the balloon and you can read about the story!

What’s more is that you can even contribute and share your stories on this map! So, start exploring and share your stories with us!


A Timeline of media coverage of Mangar Bani

Though the issue of Mangar Bani is of critical importance yet the media coverage on it has been rather skewed. It is only in the last few years that the coverage has picked up. Here is an interesting feature that will allow you to see it.


A Timeline of policies related to Mangar Bani

The issue of Mangar Bani has seen various developments over the last few years. Many policy decisions have affected it over the years. This timeline is a work in progress to document all the relevant policy papers.

Mangar Policy

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