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Mangar Bani: Photo slideshow

Here is a look at some of the snapshots taken at the sacred forest of Mangar Bani and the adjoining Mangar village. This would give you an insight into the place as well as the people there. 


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Mangar Bani: Academic Poster


See your own forest conservation story here

MapSaving our forests is the need of the hour today! The number of man-made disasters is increasing every day and it is only in our hands to save our planet before it is too late.

Through this blog, we, as students of journalism, are trying our best to promote this cause ans save India’s capital from the menace of pollution and deforestation.

In an interesting interactive, we have come up with a map where in you can see how different movements of forest conservation have taken place through out the world. Click on the balloon in the map and you can read about the story!

What’s more is that you can even contribute and share your stories on this map! so, start exploring and share your stories with us!

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